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 Soldier Front Glitch Guide

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Soldier Front Glitch Guide Empty
PostSubject: Soldier Front Glitch Guide   Soldier Front Glitch Guide EmptyWed Jul 01, 2009 2:04 pm

First of all is to download and register at XFire.com

1. Open XFire
2. Go to tools then click Options.
3. Click Chat then click screen shot binding and press either P or Prt Scr.
4. Now your set. Open Soldier Front and go into any room.

To into boxes/ crates in any stage.

1. Make sure the box is Big enough to hold you. My example will be in Shanghai.
2. Keep a distance(straight Distance from Box) Example 1
3. Take out your knife (Press 3) and start running at the box. Example 2
4. 1c. When you are 1-4 steps away from the box, press and hold P or Prt Scr until you are in the box. Example 3
5. You are now Inside the crate/ box now do not throw grenades, because it will bounce back at you! Example 4

How To Glitch In Hospital with out lag.

1. In the Hospital map, go to the place with 3 ladders. Example 1
2. 1b. go next to the smallest ladder. Example 2
3. (Thats the smallest ladder with my friends play tag with Knifes) Example 3
4. Look down the middle top of the ladder Example 4
5. While in the corner and looking up at the middle top hold and press. You will now automatically jump back and be inside. Press space then the movement keys to move around. Example 5

Ok Now Time for getting under a Map Like Shanghai!

All you have to do it go to Ware House B near the entrance with a knife, is to look down at the floor, hold crouch (ctrl is crouch) then tap space near the door way inside, the door way closest to the sub. Keep doing till u get it

Another way to get under Shanghai is to go to the sub with a knife. Look a little above the tip of the tail run and use the Box/Crate glitching technique. You should be behind the sub. Then go to the very end of the sub and jump to the deepest waters. You should be underground. If you press P or Prt Scr before you touch the water you should stand on top of it.


Credits: Victor
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Soldier Front Glitch Guide
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