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 Premake of crossfire Vip.

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PostSubject: Premake of crossfire Vip.   Wed Jul 01, 2009 1:59 pm

This is what the crossfire VIP hack is going to be like in the future.

*S.T.W (shoot through walls)
*over 62 different aim keys for aimbot
*over 40 crosshairs
*Magnet glitcher (attachs a magnet to the area on the map where is able to glitch and then automatically teleports you there)
*Super Jump
*Fly Hack
*No Recoil
*No Spread
*Extreme Bullet
*No Reload
*Unlimited Stamina
*OPK Hack
*Umlimited Ammo
*Mighty Weapon (makes your gun faster and stronger by 52%)
*Moon Walk
*Ultra Knife (makes you able to knife from 120M away)
*Gun Switch (switch guns with any player on your team for 1 play until you die)
*Invisible Gun (makes your screen no gun in your hand)
*Ghost Mode (no one can see you)
*Radiation (flashes the bottom right hand corner with a red rectangle to notify you that somone is coming)
*Mirror/Reflection Hack (directly fires the bullets back to your opponents when they shoot you) Note:Godmode MUST be turned on in order for "this" hack to be working

1.Copy all the files into your CF folder
2.Run CF and remove installation.dll when the Anti-Hack Shield pops up (forgot what CF uses)
3.Press Insert key to open up menu in game and lobby
4.Have fun and go pwn some noobs!!!!

Download Link: rapidshare.com CrossFire_VIP_Hacks_Bundle_v4.3.zip.html (sorry for using rapidshare, my mediafire wasn't working)

Note: Since im using rapidshare this file can only be downloaded 10 times at the max so pm me for the file and ill send it to you via pm.

Virus Scan: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/18b0393865345fb602d417f21ed2c3aa

All credits go to the Admins, Coders, and Mods of CrystalHacks
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Premake of crossfire Vip.
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